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Here you will find the latest news about the ever evolving world of Keytar & Keytaring, a passion I've had since its commercial inception in 1980. As a full time Musician/ Performer I spend at least sixty percent of my time playing Piano, Keyboarding & Recording. I'm a HUGE fan of technology, and as this site develops I will include some REALLY great tips and insights related to those areas. As a former beta tester and consultant, I think as fans, you might really enjoy this! Thanks VERY much for being a Fan and fellow enthusiast. PLEASE Scroll Down FOR Photo's & More

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  • I've never seen anyone ever do the keyboard/guitar thing so impressively is Jeff. Amazing.
    Charlie Clouser -Nine Inch nails, Helmet, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson.
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  • Jeff's vocals are a cross between Luther Vandross and a "Male" Anita Baker
    Paul Read, Rhythm Magazine
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  • Once you get past your astonishment at how great a keyboardist Jeff is, once you get past how he sounds like a really, really good guitarist, and once you put your amazement at his incredible vocal prwoess behind you ,then you can relax and wonder at how so much fantastic music can come from just one person
    Ernie Rideout, Former editor in chief KEYBOARD Magazine
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  • Jeff effortlessly sings any song imaginable, with the ability to play and sound like and entire orchestra… On heat
    Brian C Chatton- Meatloaf, N*Sync, Phil Collins, BB King.
  • When a Man does his thing because he loves it, it makes a world of difference. I love Jeff's voice, together with his Keytar he so versatile… A truly stunning combination… Hats Off !
    Ollie J-" writer artist producer" Arkarna, Prodigy, Leftfield.
  • Best "One Man" act I've ever seen!
    Åge Sten Nilsen- Wig Wam
  • What F'n planet did you come from???